What can I do if someone steals or tries to steal my vehicle?

You notice that someone tried or did steal your vehicle

Within 24 hours you must file a complaint at the police station closest to the place of the flight.

You will receive a receipt of your complaint. This step triggers the searches.

This will also be the way to clear your liability if the thief causes an accident.

Declaration to insurance

You must report the theft or attempted theft to your insurance company within 2 business days, preferably by registered letter, specifying the circumstances.

You should include in the report a copy of the receipt provided by the police station.

You can also make the declaration directly to your insurer, who must give you a receipt.

Later declaration

If you do not comply with this deadline, and this causes him harm, your insurance company may refuse to compensate you.

Declaration to the prefecture In case of theft of the vehicle:  you must also notify within 24 hours the prefecture of the place of registration of your vehicle by opposing the service of registration cards.

For any information, you should contact:

* Your insurer,
* The Documentation and Information Center for Insurance (CDIA),
* The prefecture of the place of registration of your vehicle.