Am I compensated if I am responsible for the damage?

If you are the one who caused the damage
You must immediately make a declaration to your insurer, or at the latest within five business days after the accident (or from the moment you noticed the loss, if for example you were absent from your home).
Eventually, your insurance contract may forecast for a longer period.

How can I make a declaration?
You must make the declaration by mail or by completing a form of amicable report (especially for vehicle’s insurance, and / or if you have caused damage to a third party), In any case, it is advisable to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt giving your details information and those of any victims, and describing the damage.

If you are only insured in civil liability:
Your insurer will only cover damage to third parties.
If you hold additional guarantees (water damage, accident damage, etc.) You will be compensated, provided that your contract specifies that the damage is actually covered, and within certain limits.

Compensations’s amount
It will be equal to the maximum value of the goods (considering obsolescence) at the time of the loss, if your contract does not provides a lower ceiling and the deductions of deductibles are done.
As a general rule, if the damage is significant, an expert will be appointed by your insurance company to conduct an assessment.
It is preferable if you are present during the expertise.
It can be reduced if your responsibility is engaged.
In some very serious circumstances (for example in the case of drunk driving), you may be deprived of any compensation.
Only the damages caused to others will be paid by the insurer.
For any information, please contact:

* Your insurer,
* The Documentation and Information Center for Insurance (CDIA).