Example of processed file

Mr. P is the victim of a car accident in October 2005. An important insurance offers him 200 euros flat rate. Mr. P, gives us with his file, we ask a medical expertise, Mr. P will get 5000 euros amicably.

Mr. X is the victim of a traffic accident in January 2002. Mr. X was struck in the back of his vehicle. Two years after the accident, the company still has not put in place the compensation procedure. Mr. X, entrusts us with his file, we make him obtain an indemnity within six months. The company will pay him an addition of compensation for lack of offer.

Mr. C falls into a store in the vegetable department, rubbish littered the ground. The supermarket company refuses any compensation. Mr. C gives us his file, after discussion, the company will accept responsibility and Mr. C will get 3500 euros.

Mr. D is the victim of a fatal accident in August 2005. While crossing a busy road, it is struck by a motor vehicle. The insurance company refuses any compensation, the family entrusts us with its file. After a long exchange of legal arguments the company will accept the principle of compensation, the family will receive an amount above 150 000.